The Court Should Do Justice, Not Charge High Fees to Fund its own "Special Projects"

People who live in the area covered by the Medina Municipal Court* are now being ordered to pay large combined “special project” and “moving court” fees in addition to fines when they commit minor legal violations.

An example is a Medina man who received a ticket because his little dog got loose and ran around his neighborhood.  He was ordered to pay a $50 fine PLUS $112 more in “special projects/moving court” fees.  Every person who has the misfortune to come before the Court is getting charged high fees.

Courthouse w_ Dollar Sign

The situation has gotten to the point that people are now calling the Medina Court  “South Linndale,” a reference to the community that for years operated a notorious “speed trap” along a tiny stretch of  I-71 near Cleveland.

This situation needs to change.

The job of the Court is to do justice in a fair and impartial manner, not collect fees for its own “special projects” when finding people guilty of minor legal violations.

Anne Eisenhower will decide cases in a fair and impartial manner, without any hidden agendas or desire to collect funds for “special projects.” 

*Areas covered by the Medina Municipal Court: City of Brunswick, Brunswick Hills Township, Chatham Township, Village of Chippewa Lake, Granger Township, Hinckley Township, Lafayette Township, Litchfield Township, Liverpool Township, City of Medina, Medina Township, Montville Township, Spencer Township, Village of Spencer and York Township.